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A Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship... What looked like dead weight dragging down the whole of Wrestle Mania just a few short weeks ago now feels like a worthy main event for arguably the most important WWE PPV in history.

After a slow-ish start as unified champ, Randy Orton has come into his own with some great character work.

The biggest challenge is what you’re supposed to write when her profile gives you nothing.

However, it doesn’t work to simply say that you like Radiohead too. Instead, write a message about the time you saw them in concert and mention something specific about Thom Yorke’s onstage banter or the way he sang a particular song.If she likes Radiohead and you really like Radiohead then she feels closer to you and assumes that a fan like her couldn’t be a psycho or weirdo.It’s a simple thing but it works like a charm every time.You should always lean towards being a fantasy type of man.You don’t want to get caught in a lie so don’t embellish to a ridiculous degree but there’s no harm in coming off as more impressive than you actually are.

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