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One woman saw fit to announce to the world her partner's STI status, with the terse public missive: 'Next time you decided to cheat multiple times on your amazing girlfriend please ensure you wear a condom so the rest of the world does not contract your highly virile strain of chlamydia.

Cole Barker (Jonathan Cake), born in Newcastle, England, is an MI6 agent assigned by the British government to infiltrate Fulcrum.

I found this between the headboard and mattress of my boyfriend, well, ex-boyfriend.

These are the Gay themed films (full length only)I have watched with Happy Endings (based on the actual ending of each film)Some are for keeps and some are trash but Bottom Line..... which I believe that every gay themed films (if it is fiction) should end.....

He has previously participated in undercover missions in China, North Korea, and Russia.

While undercover as a Fulcrum agent, he steals a chip, and is in the process of recovering the reader from a Fulcrum contact when apprehended by Team Bartowski, who have no indication that he is undercover.

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