Xbox library not updating dating relationship hopper

After that it works fine I am having an issue setting up windows media center on my computer. I have Win7 64bit Professional I am useing a DIR-825 Router with a gigabyte D-link switch downstairs to Xbox 360, everything is hard wired cat-5e.

Every time I go into Tasks - Libraries and try to ad any (whether it be music, pictures, etc) I'm met instantly with "A necessary component of windows media center did...

Hi, I am trying to use my Xbox 360 as a Media Center Extender but can't seem to get my PC and 360 to connect.

I am running Windows 7 with my Actiontec GT724WGR wireless DSL modem my PC is connected via Ethernet, I have my Xbox 360 connected to a Pelican PL 3669 wireless gaming adapter, I can...

Firstly I went into Devices and Printers and deleted both extenders, then i went into media centre/tasks/libraries and removed all my media libraries.

Then i recreated my libraries (i made sure to wait until they'd updated completely), then i re-added the extenders. Please Help Anyone, I have been troubleshooting this setup for days with no luck.

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