Wpf progress bar not updating

Finally you'll find out what the 'scope' of a variable means and how to set the scope appropriately for the subroutine that you're writing.Excel VBA Part 9 - Object Variables Posted by Andrew Gould on 22 January 2014 Object variables in VBA allow you to store references to objects in memory.This video takes you through the basics of working with simple data-type variables and will explain the difference between non-declared and explicitly-declared variables, including why explicitly-declared variables are worth the effort!You'll see how to choose the best data type for your variables as well as learn about the consequences if you get it wrong.This video shows you how to display and customise a basic inputbox, and how to capture the result using cells or variables.You'll also see what happens if a user cancels from the inputbox and how to test if that happens.

Excel VBA Part 10 - Message Boxes Posted by Andrew Gould on 23 January 2014 Message boxes in VBA provide a convenient way to display information to a user.

We'll even show you how to customise the ribbon and toolbars in Excel for that extra, professional touch!

Excel VBA Part 5 - Selecting Cells Posted by Andrew Gould on You won't get far in Excel VBA without understanding how to refer to cells!

They're slightly more complex to use than basic data-type variables, but well worth the effort and this video explains why!

You'll learn how to declare object variables and how to set references to existing objects.

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