Who is jerry cantrell dating

And he told me: ‘You got too close – you hit it on the head'.

After enduring the overdose of his bandmate and severing ties with his label, former Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell is putting his life back together and enjoying the reconstruction.

Since Cantrell moved from Seattle to Los Angeles eight months ago, he has written several new songs, recorded with numerous other high-profile rockers and played with some of his favorite musicians.

He's also been in communication with former Chains bassist Mike Inez and drummer Sean Kinney, and plans to jam with them later this month. "We're gonna get in a room, have a little fun and see what goes down.

“My father had never talked about that time in his life, and was reluctant to do so if anyone ever asked,” recalls the guitarist.Alice in Chains’ guitar god Jerry Cantrell answered a host of questions for IGN at an event, talking about his personal playing preferences, the status of his most cherished axes and about the functionality of the game. He was non-committal, but did name a few tunes that get the adrenaline coursing through his, the band’s and fan’s veins.“I like playing pretty much all of our stuff,” he said diplomatically.Alice in Chains’ ‘Stone’ is featured in the 2014 edition of Ubisoft’s ‘Rocksmith,’ a guitar game which allows players to plug a guitar or bass into a variety of consoles and actually learn to play.It’s a step up from ‘Guitar Hero’ since it utilizes real instruments.

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