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According to Heavy.com, Wayans and 30-year-old Metoyer were high school sweethearts, and we know from Entertainment Tonight’s original report that Wade had also known Metoyer for years, even publicly shouting her out on Mother’s Day in 2010.As for Wayans, I respect that his main concern is his children and that his statement kept it positive and honest.has actually briefly spoken about all that has come out about the mother of his two daughters, and he told TMZ Sports that he doesn’t want all that’s going on to have a negative effect on his kids.Wayans went on to say that the newborn, Xavier Wade (born on November 10), is a big hit with his daughters though, who “love their little brother and that’s all I care about.” But he just wants to make sure his kids don’t get dragged in all the drama going on with Metoyer and Wade.He also featured in movies such as The Last Boy Scout, The Great White Hype, Bulletproof, Mo’ Money, Celtic Pride and Major Payne.

In the 1980s he featured in the syndicated television series called Solid Good as a comedian.

Even when I had an interest in men, I let them know: This relationship is immovable.''Don’t try to compete with it; don’t get upset about it.

This love is deep and long and it’s been built over a very long time and it’s been through tremendous tumults.

His brothers are Keenen Ivory Wayans, Dwayne Wayans and actor Marlon Wayans. This trait what was gave him his actor role in the film My Wife and Kids and also another character on a cartoon series called Waynehead. and he is an American comedian, producer, writer, actor and part of the crew of the Wayans family of performers.

He did comedy and also acted throughout the 1980s, this included a sketch comedy series which he did on Saturday Night Live for a year.

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