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“It’s been really fun to cross all the streams, but at this point I do need to find a new home,” he said.The plan was to cut back on the insane amount of frequent flyer miles he was accruing and stay closer to his actual home in Georgia. His calendar will look as full as George Costanza’s wallet at least through September.You, Rhodes, aren’t exclusive, but you did an interview with Sports Illustrated not long ago where you said that it was almost time to make a decision on a permanent new home. Honestly, any offer that came my way I haven’t really looked at. You’ve heard about the mega-deal [ROH parent company] Sinclair just made to acquire Tribune Broadcasting.My date book is still pretty deep — all the way through September. That’s going to give Ring of Honor a whole lot more exposure. Even with exclusivity, I still like the concept of roaming. News & Notes: – Ring of Honor champion Christopher Daniels will throw out the first pitch before Sunday’s Chicago White Sox game.He left because he felt that he was being underutilized. That same chip is also what drives him to work on opposite ends of the globe on successive nights.

The most interesting thing to come out of the conversation wasn’t his future in wrestling.Somewhere in between there was also a stop in the Pacific Northwest.It was a mind-numbingly grueling schedule that would be difficult for even the most ardent world traveler to keep up.That was always an experience that was more about her in the first place, because she was the one that wanted to go. But if I did make a decision, it’s just a matter of trust. I trust every guy in the locker room for the most part.I hope I get to be a “stage husband” and come to some of her Impact matches and see how she does. But it’s finding that top brass in most companies that I know, if I put my name on the dotted line, that I’ll be taken care of.

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