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Hotels heiress Nicky Hilton ties the knot with banking scion James Rothschild this Friday and guests at the Kensington wedding could be in for a spectacle, if the outfit she wore at the weekend is any guide.

The 31-year-old sister of reality TV star Paris Hilton turned up at the Versace show in Paris wearing a thigh-skimming white dress that included ‘peep holes’ and a see-through strip showing off her bottom.

She was previously married to Jimmy Kirkwood for 25 years.

In 2015, she revealed that she was dating someone, however, her current relationship status remains unknown.

If anyone says that, bless them."I have to be honest, I don’t read all my tweets because I’m usually at work and posting on Twitter in between."Admitting she even receives pictures from her admirers, the former Strictly Come Dancing beauty added: "Some of them though are like ‘what?

’ you don’t expect that in a morning."Majority of her fans comment on her stylish wardrobe, but Carol insists that she doesn't think much about what she's going to wear when her alarm goes off at 2.45am.

The figures boggle the mind: 79 city neighborhoods, 91 county municipalities, 21 cities in St.

I think I’m more just your girl-next-door rather than anything else.She hosted a Cinderella-themed hen party in Los Angeles and shared pictures of the event on social media, including one of her in front of a giant fairytale book with the words: ‘Once upon a time: Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild’s love story.’They were attending the high society splicing of Lyonel Tollemache, 42, and Jennifer Holl, 35, who were married in Suffolk — a relaxed ceremony complete with dining on rugs and lanterns on the trees for al fresco dancing.The 53-year-old divorced her husband, Jimmy, after 25 years of marriage back in 2008 and recently said that it'd be "nice to start dating somebody again".When asked if she worries about her on-screen look, she said: "Gosh no, I’ve more to worry about than that.Every morning I think ‘why did I not choose what to wear last night? To mark the start of meteorological spring on March 1, Carol Kirkwood and BBC Weather Watchers be launching a new geolocation feature and a partnership with Libraries to support viewers and listeners who aren’t online.

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