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Her modeling has been box covers for many movie companies such as Red Light District Video and Combat Zone.Most of have seen America's Next Top Model and let's be honest how freakin boring is that show!Starr has been quoted as saying she's a pro-sex feminist, “I don't feel degraded because it is my decision.I know that if I did ever feel degraded or feel uncomfortable, all I need to do is say no and it would stop.We know male made porn when we see it and it seemed Bobbi really cared about the product she was putting out to the public she cared that her fans were not only satisfied but truly felt she relating to them.When I started following her on Twitter I wasn't expecting much maybe a tweet here and there about her latest movie something raunchy that would make me blush, but what I'd gotten in just a day of tweets was much different than what I was expecting.She may be a contradiction in terms but what she lacks in the societal norm she makes up for in the unique, beautiful, and fetishy way she appeals to people of every background.

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She talks about what it's like to be a women in the adult film industry.

I'd attracted somewhat of a cheering section some of my followers on twitter were tweeting her to try and get her to respond to me it had become a mission impossible and I was going to be Tom Cruise, without the whole Scientology thing.

Alas am one morning I get the response I'd been waiting for and of course I was sleeping.

That's when I can honestly say my mini-obsession began.

I made it a point to Google this woman and learn more about her and started tweeting her to see if I could get a response after all this is the age of social media and people do actually tweet their fans from time to time.

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