What does intimidating

Color psychology is a simple but very effective tool to create or enhance your image!Amazingly, the right colors can naturally improve your looks, making you appear younger, healthier and more energetic !When you really think about it, the game of football is all about intimidation.Quarterbacks try to intimidate opposing defenses with arm strength and precision, while middle linebackers go the more conventional route of intimidation by delivering crushing blows to running backs and wide receivers.— A Wake County jail inmate has been charged with intimidating a witness in an ongoing death penalty trial. Authorities ordered that Jacobs be held in isolation in the jail, that his mail and phone privileges be revoked and the his communications be limited to his lawyer and jail staff.

Now, whether you want to equate being a "dirty" player to being an intimidating one is your choice, but NFL'ers were undoubtedly afraid of Dobler during his 10-year stint as a professional.

Defensive players initially come to mind when we think of intimidation, but lightning-quick runners, stonewall offensive lineman, and deep-threat wideouts have just as easily struck fear into opponents throughout the years.

Because of the news-halting lockout, compiling lists has become commonplace this summer with the NFL Network's Top 100 players in the game today being the most discussed list.

It has the psychological power to influence emotion.

Managing the impact of color on our image is smart considering that color is one of the first things noticed about a person, particularly from a distance. Our body’s nervous and hormonal reactions to the magnetic energies of colors (their temperatures), and the way it physically senses and interprets color visually, result in different emotional responses to the various hues.

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