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But according to TMZ Sports, it's the first point that may prove to be an issue for Jeffords, since Cox reportedly said that "no genuine love or affection existed" between Jeffords and his wife.As for whether or not Cuesta Jeffords and Cox are still dating, only time will tell, since the two would obviously keep things on the down low if that was the case.Did you know that you could sue someone for alienation of affection? But North Carolina resident Jeffords claims in court documents that Cox seduced and had sex with his wife, Cuesta Jeffords when she was visiting the City of Brotherly Love.

He is best known for his role as Justin Foley in the hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.Second, he'd have to prove that said love and affection was alienated and destroyed.And third, he'd have to show that malicious acts of a third party (in this case, Cox) are what produced the alienation of affection.According to North Carolina state law, Jeffords would have to prove three things in order to win his alienation of affection case.First, he'd have to prove that he and Cuesta Jeffords had a genuine love and affection.

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