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When you highlight a programme, details appear in a separate window beneath the guide, showing you how much time has elapsed since the scheduled start, as well as programme info beamed down from the sky.

To record something, you just hit the Select button, or you can scroll through a week's worth of listings to schedule recordings.

Play Station 3 (and Xbox 360) can go a lot further than the pictures and sounds we're seeing and hearing in even the very best games.

Never mind Killzone 2 and Little Big Planet, says Sony, just you wait for the games released in the two years after that.

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This installs the software to the hard disk so you can bin the Blu-ray afterwards (updates will be provided by PSN, presumably), hiding the three-minute process behind an unskippable rendition of the "how it works" video you may already have seen on Eurogamer TV.Download the app for free now and register to enjoy free and premium entertainment content on the go!unifi Play TV (formerly known as Hypp TV Everywhere) is an OTT (Over-The-Top) streaming service by Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) that offers world-class content ranging from live news, sports, award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, kids shows and more. Mobile operator charges apply.*Content rights for unifi Play TV app is only applicable for use in Malaysia. Live TV channels – from live news and sports, local drama and Korean shows, we’ve got it all! Video on Demand (VOD) – latest blockbuster movies and all-time favorite3.This being a PVR, you can also multitask; watching another channel at the same time, or exiting the software and doing something else on the PS3.The XMB is available within the Play TV software at a push of the Home button, with the same degree of functionality you get from games: messaging and friends management are active, but to switch to other activities you need to exit Play TV.

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