Updating a datagridview dating a ftm

Net Grid are the best performing grids on the market adapted for real-time applications and displaying huge data volumes. A new version contains support for Windows 10, as well as bug fixes. Net Grid/Suite is now compatible with Windows 10 The following bugs have been fixed: [BUG] Fixed a bug where in some rare cases .

Thread protection makes them safe to use with MVVM model. Net Grid could cause an exception during the redrawing data.

Hi, how to handle exception thrown when Data Adapter. I can catch the exception with a Try but how to cancel the move to a new row and to force user to correct the edited row?

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Changing code 1 to code 2 fixes the problem -although theoretically there should be no difference.

Close(); if (n are methods that are inherited from Control.

I would like to give users the ability to update from the datagridview and have the program immediately update the sql server table. Now I am wondering which events to use to validate and update the database, wheter to enable/disable the validating events? The problem is that I'm trying to edit, validate and update behind the scenes by allowing the user to make changes directly to the grid.

A nice way to do that is to separate your data retrieval calls into a separate function and call it from both the From Load and Button Click events. Open(); My Sql Data Adapter My DA = new My Sql Data Adapter(); string sql Select All = "SELECT * from dailyprice"; My DA.

If you want your Button on Form B to retrieve the latest data from the database then that's what you have to do whatever Form_Load is doing.

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