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After two ample, messy cumshots (Phillip blasts all over Robert’s balls and Robert feeds his big load to Phillip), we meet back up with Brady, who is being enveloped by the legendary Nor Cal fog.

As it rolls in, he gets that distinct feeling like he’s being watched …” Cocksure writes: “Robert Axel is Cocksure Men’s own version of Iron Man. After he and Conner Habib’s make-out session turns into something much, much more, you can see Conner’s eyes grow wide when he gets a look at Robert’s massive biceps.

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Cole eats Robert out and then plants his cock firmly in Robert’s ass.After tasting Robert’s sweet hole Mitch wants some more of that ass and slides his pole inside before letting Robert gets his turn at pounding butt.Mitch responds with a pool of cum which only gets deeper once his buddy shoots his load directly into it.” Cocksure writes: “They say a good man is hard to find but we couldn’t disagree more.Robert asks Cole if he’s ever worked with Jake Cruise.Cole says yes and shows Robert the DVD of his servicing scene with Jake.

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