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DOT approved and registered in WA until October 2016.

The 2002 Series is credited for inventing the category for compact sporting sedans.

It has a Brand New 502 cubic inch big block engine, Turbo 350 transmission and 9" locker.

These cars offer impressive versatility - it can either be enjoyed as a roadster, complete with soft-top for occasional showers, or with the stunning dished hard-top in place it becomes a snug coupe perfect for the colder months.

This car has never been restored; instead it has enjoyed a pampered life being looked after by fastidious owners (including myself), who have always carried out maintenance with no expense spared.

1985 Jaguar fitted with fuel injected Holden 5ltr V8.

It is believed there would be less than half a dozen 2002 Tourings in Australia.

Overseas a Touring has long been more valuable than a sedan and values are strong, particularly in continental Europe.

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