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Mary Frances Miller Choosing your maternity care provider is something that should be done with great care - just as choosing a university, a place of marriage or a life-partner should be done. Find out how to assess your values, listen to your inner-knowing and reduce your fear so you can choose an OB or Midwife that specializes in the kind of birth you envision.

Peter Allen Learn about mood complications during pregnancy, postpartum and birth.

Trisha Falvey Cloth diapers seem great, you know someone who tried them and liked them but the information online is so OVERWHELMING!

This class is for you – Do Good Diaper Service presents the 4 main types of cloth diapers and shows you how easy they are to use, wash at home and more!

We will also give attendees general questions to ask their encapsulator to make sure all proper safety precautions are being followed. This boot camp will breakdown the home buying process into succinct steps and show you how to navigate each step along the way.

Understanding what to expect when buying a home, how to find the right home in the right location for you and your family, and how to navigate real estate complexities with confidence and ease will be covered in this workshop.

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