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The Channel 4 celebrity special version of First Dates for Stand Up To Cancer saw Sinitta go on a date with self-confessed music-obsessee Fred.Viewers were left cringing for Simon Cowell's friend as it became awkwardly clear that her long-haired date had no idea who she was.However, the 54-year-old was surprised when her date for the evening, a self-proclaimed music-loving father had never heard of her.Nick told her: “I can’t recall any of your repertoire…After she told viewers that her history of five marriages tended to put off prospective partners, she said she hoped that she could get at least half an hour into the blind date before the “penny drops”.When Richard asked her about her career, he revealed that he had recognised her straight away and said: “Why should it put me off?"The bloke on #First Dates not knowing who Sinitta is - can you imagine that?! Another viewer said: "#First Dates sinitta was soooo close to saying 'you don't WHO I am?

'' I have sulked and pouted and had the diva tantrum after my time, money and plans were wasted," she said.Luckily Sinitta didn't seem to take the "snub" to heart, as she confessed: "I thought, 'This is great I'm actually going to get away with it'." But the truth eventually came out, when Fred admitted: "It took me a while to work out you were the real Sinitta." Viewers were left cringing, with one viewer tweeting: "Sinitta "I’m sooooo glad you don’t know who I am"."Inner Sinitta "I can’t f**king believe you don’t know who I am, t**t" #firstdates." "The guy with Sinitta is thinking "what the hell is she on about" #First Dates", tweeted another.'' Simon promised me the job for life and said he didn't ever want to do it with anyone else.'' Last year I had a breast cancer scare and was having a biopsy done so I missed it and this year I was excited to be clear, healthy and fearless and they did this," she said.

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