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Violence and drug use were the predominant causes of death, both during periods of prostitution and during the whole observation period.The CMR for death by homicide among active prostitutes was 229 per 100,000 (95% CI: 79, 378), and the SMR was 17.7 (95% CI: 6.2, 29.3).The authors assessed cause-specific mortality in this open cohort of 1,969 women using the Social Security Death Index and the National Death Index, augmented by individual investigations.They identified 117 definite or probable deaths and had sufficient information on 100 to calculate a crude mortality rate (CMR) of 391 per 100,000 (95% confidence interval (CI): 314, 471).In mid-1970, the health department instituted a mechanism for examining arrested prostitutes for sexually transmitted infections, termed the Health Hold Order (8).At about the same time, the police created a vice squad to monitor prostitution.

Colorado statutes urged coordination between public health officials and police officers in suppressing sexually transmitted infections and prostitution (5).

This relationship was unilateral: Police provided health officers access to prostitution records but not vice versa.

Between 19, health department and police prostitution records were periodically compared.

Health department records for prostitute women were also based on women identified independently in our sexually transmitted infection, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and drug treatment clinics (through self-report); in observations of prostitutes during public health outreach activities; and through contact tracing for sexually transmitted infections/HIV.

In our clinics, we recorded standard information on each woman as part of routine clinical and epidemiologic evaluation.

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