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Wayfinders education and prevention programs help mitigate risk factors and promote constructive decision-making and behaviors that benefit our community.

Programs span from deterring gang activity and sexual assault, to reducing problems associated with alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

General awareness and education programs prepare community members to bypass conflict and access resources through a diverse network of community partners, including businesses, schools, colleges, healthcare sites, faith groups and community-based organizations.

A program which works to create safe and healthy neighborhoods by addressing public health issues through education, training, technical assistance and media campaigns.

After a restraining order has been properly served and filed, the restrained person is subject to arrest for any violation of the order.

Victim / Witness Assistance All victims of crime, their family members and witnesses of crime may obtain information and assistance from the CSP Victim/Witness Assistance Program, (714) 834-4350.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE INFORMATION Victims of domestic violence should immediately report any abuse to the police department.

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The Santa Ana Police Department will not certify applications on cases involving an arrest.

Current prevention efforts include: Impaired Driving; Prescription Drug Abuse; Prevention in Faith Based Organizations; and Health and Domestic Violence.

For more information, please call (949) 757-1096 Prevention educators work to enhance safety through workshops that educate, empower and lead to a reduction in the incident of sexual assault.

If the applicant is a victim of a qualifying crime, has been helpful in the investigation or prosecution of that crime, he or she may be eligible.

If the crime resulted in an arrest of the perpetrator, the Orange County District Attorney's Office is the appropriate certifying agency.

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