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Data scientists and data science teams face similar challenges, which Dev Ops concepts can help address.Senior executives who have been making hollow promises about embracing data-driven strategies need to be convinced that now is the time for real action.That said, unless they are small and tight around the head, they too should be removed when at a dining table or in a theatre, sporting event, or other places where they may hamper someone’s view or be disruptive to others.Large hats are generally for the outdoors, not indoors. Have you ever been the subject of or a witness to someone being disrespectful or rude by wearing their hat inappropriately? Enter your comments and questions below for me to reply.

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They could be going through cancer treatments or have some other condition that causes them to lose their hair, which can be truly devastating for a lot of people.

They certainly don’t need the stares and comments from people.

Personally, I can come up with a looong list of behaviors and stuff that I find far more offensive than wearing a hat indoors.

That person could have a darn good reason for wearing a hat inside.

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