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"It's just a word and I don't think my relationship with my husband is like anyone else's so I wouldn't want to use the same word that everyone uses."She admits that she does 'like' her husband a lot but doesn't like the cliches behind the common term of affection.

"I don't like the word 'love' because it has all sorts of connotations of what Hallmark cards say you should do and I don't think love is predictable," she added."It doesn't necessarily happen on the 14th of February and it doesn't come from a card shop and have sparkly red hearts on it - it's just making somebody know that you care about them." Despite her lack of enthusiasm for the three little words most people long to hear, it seems she is pretty made up with husband Graham.

But recently I’ve been filming on a Wednesday and Thursday, and I can’t go out on a Wednesday without drinking too much wine - I have no self-control and nor does Graham. **Tell us about the new series of Double Your House For Half The Money? **I can’t imagine not working at all but I want to spend more time with my kids.

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Her father was an architect for Bovis Homes so she was always milling around property, which clearly seeped into her veins as she has a successful property business and television career.She also appeared on Bob the Builder with Dermot O'Leary, where she estimated the value of Bob the Builder's house to be "Two Bob". Her TV and property career continues to grow but it is the business of love that has captivated and touched so many.Perpetually setting her friends up - one girlfriend in particular - led her to think that there "must be a better way to do it".You’ve been with Graham (Sarah’s business partner) for nearly 24 years and married for 11. We’ve journeyed along well through life and we’ve been in business together for years.We used to spend every single waking hour together; it’s only when we stared to spend more time apart because of the kids that it became hard.

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