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It was a special time in my life because it was my first movie, and it was Sean’s first movie.

Hutton had just won the Academy Award and he was all excited. I didn’t know anything about agents and business or scripts. When I first read it, it was worse than the released film. CC: In Risky Business, Paul Brickman took the youth-oriented genre and really opened it up visually and musically. Were these elements part of the movie from the beginning? Francis offered everybody a change to go on and do !

I had this small agent at the time who said, “Do it, do it.” I worked hard, but it was a terrible time in my life. After Taps came out I was offered every horror film, every killer-murderer part. ” It was never a main role, but I created something. ” Somehow, my agent, without me knowing, arranged to have me just drop by the office to say hello. Today the thinking of young people is so linear and non-creative. Unfortunately, we need something like Vietnam to force people to deal with political issues.

Cameron Crowe: You’re someone who is associated with a lot of people’s adolescent thoughts and fantasies… I think they felt a little nervous about me because I had a lot of energy and I couldn’t stick to one thing.

I said, “Well, just a couple of days.” He said, “Good.

Get a tan while you’re here.” [] I couldn’t help it.

First comes Ridley Scott’s long-awaited “Legend.” The summer blockbuster, “Top Gun” will hit theaters this month, and due in December is “The Color of Money,” Martin Scorsese’s sequel to “The Hustler.” Cruise stars as the pool playing protégé/nemesis of Fast Eddie – Paul Newman.

I spoke with Tom Cruise at the Columbus Dynasty Restaurant on New York’s Upper West Side.

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