Randy orton dating a diva

Two fights later, the pair suddenly returned during a Renee Young interview with New Day (more on them later), and when Harper delivered a powerbomb to Ambrose on a chair, it seemed he had done enough for the win.

The bizarre match of the night saw Dolph Ziggler come out on top in his ‘Kiss Me Arse’ match with Sheamus.

It was bad enough that Chyna lost her boyfriend, not to mention that they were living together at the time, and things would only get worse from there when she left WWE the next year in part due to lingering bad feelings over the situation.

Triple H may have been the leader of Evolution, and his lackeys most certainly followed in his footsteps with their careers, but given his age and experience, Ric Flair was always considered the true mentor of the group.

It should go without saying that there are pros and cons to having an impressive dating resume.

Even amongst the most allegedly evolved people, relationships tend to only fall apart when at least one party is at fault, and serial daters are almost always the people responsible for their own relationships failing.

In the pre-show, Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan was forced to pull out of the match against Bad News Barrett which will do nothing to allay the rumours that he may still be suffering from the neck injury that ruled him out for the latter part of 2014, with Newcastle’s high-flying Neville taking his place in the match, with The Man That Gravity Forgot landing the Red Arrow for victory over his British rival.

Of course, if a person is dating the caliber of women the Evolution members found themselves surrounded by, maybe they were happy simply experiencing as many flings as they possibly could.

To get all the juicy details, keep reading to learn 15 things you didn’t know about Evolution’s personal relationships.

However, after an altercation with Lana which saw him send her away from the ring, Cena took full advantage, and after both men had touched three corners each, Cena landed the Attitude Adjustment before touching a fourth corner and retaining his United States Championship.

Roman Reigns was able to gain revenge for being chokeslammed on to the roof of a London taxi by the Big Show as he prevailed in their Last Man Standing match.

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