Psi net liquidating llc

12235 filed by Ramona Municipal Water District; to proof of claim no.

12234 filed by Borrego Water District; to proof of claim no.

Kopper, Unknown Fortistar LLC, Unknown Marcel Windt, Unknown Sixth & Virginia Properties, Unknown National Westminster Bank Plc, Unknown Paramount Resources Ltd., Unknown Rufus T. Construction, Unknown Energy Australia, Unknown New York State Department Of Taxation And Finance, Unknown Rufus T. and TNPC Holdings, Inc., Unknown Certain Insurers, Unknown Hilton Hotels Corporation, Unknown Cabot Oil & Gas Marketing Corporation, Unknown Doubletree Hotel Allen Center, Unknown Swift Energy Company, Unknown Colombo Construction Co., Inc., Unknown Dresser, Inc., Unknown Gregory T. K.) Limited, Unknown Bountiful City Light and Power, Unknown Idaho Falls Power, Unknown Bennett Jones LLP, Unknown TXU Europe Energy Trading Limited, Unknown TXU Europe Energy Trading BV, Unknown San Francisco Baseball Associates LP, Unknown The Bank Of New York, Unknown China Aviation Oil Corporation LTD, Unknown Fuel And Marine Marketing LLC, Unknown Chevron Products Company, a division of Chevron USA, Inc., Unknown Texaco Exploration & Production Inc., Unknown Sabine HUB Services, Unknown Texaco Natural Gas Inc., Unknown Mirant Corporation , et al.,, Unknown Certain Plan Participants of the Enron Corp.

Brualdi, Attorney Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & Mc Cloy LLP, Attorney Kathy D. Parker, II, Unknown Credit Suisse First Boston LLC, Unknown Michael J. Martin, Unknown Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, Unknown Credit Suisse First Boston International, Unknown Bear, Stearns Securities Corp., Unknown Bear, Stearns International Ltd., Unknown Valtech Technologies, Inc., Powell Electrical Systems, Inc., Jacobs Engineering Groups, Inc., JE Merit Constructors, Inc., and Delta-Unibus Corporation, Unknown Stuart Staley, Unknown More Houston Defendants, Unknown Hines Interests Limited Partnership, Unknown Source Net Solutions, Inc, Unknown Siderca Corporation, Unknown ABC Electric, et al., Unknown Timothy Detmering, Unknown Mark E Taylor, Unknown Scott M. Haedicke, Unknown Kelly Boots, Unknown Phillip K Allen, Unknown Harry Gordon Heaney, Unknown Reorganized Debtors., Unknown James Reece, Unknown Philip Herman, Unknown NPS, LLC, Unknown AGIP (U.

Bergsieker, Unknown Ohio Funds, Unknown United Illuminating Company and UIL Holdings Corporation, Unknown Certain Underwriters at interest for Lloyd's of London and Certain Insurers, Unknown Reliance Trust Company, Unknown Texas Ad Valorem Taxing Authorities, Unknown City of Palo Alto, Unknown Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Unknown Waltons & Morse, Unknown Rufus T. Bradlow, Unknown Torch Energy TM, Inc., Unknown Grupo Industrial Saltillo S. P., Unknown Jefferson County, Unknown City of Sunnyvale Department of Finance, Unknown Ernst & Young Ltd., Unknown Richard Bodenheimer, Unknown Stonehill Offshore Partners Limited, Unknown Onondaga Cortland Madison Board of Cooperative Educational Services, Unknown Cogas (Centraal Overijsselse Nutsbedrijven N.

Paveik, Unknown KCS Medallion Gas Services, Inc., Unknown Valley Electric Association, Inc., Unknown Questar Energy Trading Company, Unknown Richard P. P., Unknown National City Bank, Unknown The Macerich Partnership, L.

Ruckman, Attorney Sidley Austin Brown & Wood LLP, Attorney Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP, Attorney Hal F. 22630-22632 filed by Southern California Edison Company regarding Federal Law Claims in Electricity Market (related document(s)24205, 24069, 24230).

Crabtree, Attorney Deborah Williamson, Attorney Deirdre B. 12498, 12500, 2467 filed by California Department of Water Resources; and to proofs of claim nos.

(De Pierola, Jacqueline)Opinion signed on 7/22/2005 sustaining debtors' objection to proof of claim no.

Glick, Attorney Beth Stern Fleming, Attorney Kyung S. Patchin III, Attorney Edward Lee Morris, Attorney Russell L. Cheatham, Attorney Shipman & Goodwin LLP, Attorney John F. (De Pierola, Jacqueline)Order Signed on 3/24/2006 (i) Dismissing the Reorganized Debtors' Supplemental Objection, (ii) Granting the Reorganized Debtors' Sixty-Seventh Omnibus Objection with Respect to Claim Number 15207 of Lodestar Energy, Inc., and (iii) Allowing Claim Number 15207.


Grynberg for extension of time to file an appeal (related document(s)28812).

(related document(s)24423) (Nulty, Lynda)Opinion signed on 9/26/2005 sustaining the Reorganized Debtors' objection to proof of claim filed by Midland Cogeneration Venture Limited Partnership (claim no. (related document(s)23986) (Nulty, Lynda)Minute Order with attached Opinion of the Court signed on 12/28/2005 regarding the applications of the Dunhill Group, the Dominion Entities and the Independent Producers Group for payment of attorney's fees and expenses purusant to 11 U. (related document(s)21717, 21701, 21658) (Nulty, Lynda)(FORMAT OF EXHIBIT A HAS BEEN CORRECTED, SEE DOCUMENT 28942) Minute Order signed on 2/17/2006 denying motion by Jack J.

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