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Westmoreland Street hospital performs prostate surgery previously carried out at hospitals including Whipps Cross, Homerton, North Middlesex, Queen’s in Romford and Princess Alexandra in Harlow as part of the NHS' move to promote optimal cancer care.

Patients are able to go home the next day rather than spending 18 days in hospital following conventional surgery.

Surgeons have praised the pioneering use of robots in saving a record number of men from one of the UK’s deadliest cancers.

The £1 million machines, known as Da Vinci robots, have performed life-saving surgery at University College London Hospitals on more than 500 men with advanced prostate cancer.

The latest Da Vinci Xi robot has been in use in several London hospitals, including the Royal Marsden and Guy’s, since 2015.

At the moment, there are very few established risk factors.'Yet Prostate Cancer UK director Dr Iain Frame told The Express: 'This study suggests a potential link between foods high in isoflavones such as soyabeans and tofu and increased risk of advanced prostate cancer, however, there is currently not enough concrete evidence to say whether this is actually the case.

Lead author Dr Jianjun Zhang from Indiana University, said: 'Our study offers novel evidence that dietary intake of isoflavones [a type of phytoestrogens] has different effects on advanced and non-advanced prostate cancer.'Yet, other experts argue much more research is required to determine soy's prostate cancer-effects before it can be reliably linked to the condition.

Prostate cancer affects around 11 percent of men at some point in their lives.

They are able to remove small sections of tissue and glands affected by the cancer without making a large cut, as in 'open surgery.' David Ferris, a Londoner with 'aggressive' prostate cancer underwent robotic surgery to remove his prostate at University Collage London Hospital carried out by consultant urological surgeon Greg Shaw This means the patient recovers much more quickly and can go home the next day, unlike conventional surgery, where patients can remain in hospital for five days or longer.

Furthermore, as the robot is so precise, it is less likely to damage surrounding tissue.

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