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If you think you cannot deliver results, don't accept that job.

Accepting a job and submitting a false proof will raise a red flag.

This page explains the role of both Workers and Employers, guidelines for the Worker when performing tasks and for the Employer when running campaigns, and all the DO's and DONT's when using Microworkers.

To be better guided, please take time to also read our Frequently asked questions When starting a Campaign, employers should comply with the following guidelines: 1.

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This means that all workers are VERIFIED and cannot create multiple accounts.

A Campaign must be well-described, understandable and suitable for general audience. Rude and negative comments included in the instructions will not be allowed. I will have your Microworkers account banned, etc.).

Instructions and proofs should be written in a brief and clear manner as possible, listed in numbers and with no repetition of instructions. Avoid including CAPS-locked comments (like IMPORTANT, MUST, WARNING and !!! A positive and friendly tone will always be appreciated. Must not request any form of illegal or harmful activities. When reviewing finished tasks submitted by Workers, Employers should use fair judgment; if a submitted task is finished as required, Employer must mark such task as "satisfied".

These fees are also displayed at the bottom of your Create a Campaign page.

**You are not charged of any campaign approval fee when restarting a campaign.

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