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By pushing 0, you have the ability to bypass the automated system.

When we finally spoke to a Google customer service representative, after a wait of less than one minute, we asked questions pertaining to Google adwords and advertising.

We were able to locate a few phone numbers that customers may find useful.

The mailing address for Google customer service is one of the easiest means of contact.

The Audi owner had never driven a manual transmission until she was asked to be part of the top-secret launch."I honestly didn't know how to drive a stick shift and I stalled it quite a few times.

By the end of the second day of shooting, they asked me to slow down. And you're thinking about the gears and the clutch and driving becomes a fun activity as opposed to just a way to get from one place to another," Molly told the Free Press in advance of Sunday's event at Cobo Center.“This is something my grandpa would have loved. She used to always say, ‘God, he would’ve loved you.

Leslie Daniels, 73, of Detroit, a former Ford assembly line chipper and metal pourer, used to drive his aunt’s orange Mustang GT with a white convertible top.“I love the different sounds that Bullitt makes, the roaring," he said.

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Simply send Google a message and wait for a response.

We have yet to find an email address for Google customer service.

This could be because there are multiple departments and websites operated by Google and each would have a different email address.

But you will have people who may have no idea about the history or background and will look and say, ‘That is one sexy car.

I have to go buy it,' ” said Mark Schaller, marketing manager for Mustang.

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