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The appearance of a valuable elementary work on the principles of Christianity, which has been recently published in our lanj^nage, translated from the German under the immediate patronage of an august personage, for the avowed purpose of bonofit to her illustrious daugh- ters, as it is an event highly auspicious to the general interests of religion, so is it a circum- •tance very encouraging to the present undertaking.

It is impossible to write on such points as are discussed in this little work, without being led to draw a comparison between the lot of a British subject, and that of one who treats on similar topics under a despotic govci nnuint.

XXXVll-Of the Sscabfished Chofeh of BM)- land, - • lit Chap. VII— On Influenoe, eonsidersd as a Tidi Bt IM Chap. II— The Duty of Prayer, inferred from the Hdplcssnewof Man, 3M Chap. The writer is very far, indeed, from pretending to offer any thing approaching to a system f ioslroction f«r the royal pupil, much less from presuming to dictato a plan o( conduct to i» preceptor.

XXXVIII— Superintendence of Prp Tidanao manifested in the Local Circumstaneesi and in tho Re Kgiuus History of Enghind, - Uf Chap. What is hero presented, is a mere outline, which may be filled up by far more Uehaodi: a sketch which contains nocousecutive details, which neither a Kpires to regulari- ^ of desij TD, nor exactness df execution.

— The excellent archbishop of Cambray, with eve- ry advantage which genius, learning, profession, and situation could confer; the admired pre- ceptor of the duke or Burgundy, appomted to the office by the king himself, was yet in the beautiful work which he composed for the use of his royal bupil, driven to the necessity of couching his instructions under a fictitious narrative, and of sheltering behind the veil of fa- ble, the duties of a just sovereign, and the blessings of a good government : he was aware, that even under this disguise, his delineation of both woulatoo probably be construed into a satire on tho personal errors of bis own king, and the vices of the French government, and in spite of his ingenious discretion, the event justified his apprehensions.

Fortunate are tho subjects of that free and happy country who are not driven to have re- course to any such expedients ; who may, without danger, dare to express temperately what they think lawfully ; who, in describing the roost perfect form of government, instead of re- curring to poetic invention, need only delineate that under which they themselves live ; who, in sketching the character, and shadowing out the duties of a patriot king, have no occasion to turn their eyes from their own country to tho throoos of Ithaca or Salentum.

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Yet, must not this be the unageravated consequence of not accustoming the royal child to that salutary control which the cof' ruption of our nature requires, as its ind Jsr pensable and earliest corrective ?

HINTS TOWARDS FORMING THE CHARACTER OF A YOUNG PRINCESS. VVe are told that when a sovereign of an- cient times, who wished to be a mathemati- cian, but was deterred by the difficulty of attainment, askeiad to geometry.

The lesson con- tained in this reply ought never to be lost inght of, in that most important and delicate of all undertakings, tlie education of a prince !

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