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Such factors serve to document a very early, but key, contribution to world history by an African population and they offer a powerful antidote to the misinformed notion that Africa "has no history" in the sense of a written account.

Although the study of Egyptian hieroglyphics dates back to the close of the 18th century, the study of the second oldest system of writing on the African continent, Meroitic, has only been initiated in the 19th century and was not very seriously advanced until the 20th century.

The remote sensing and field survey data collected by the project enable us to develop some hypotheses concerning the long-term history of this important oasis valley.

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They speak Nubian language, an Eastern Sudanic language that is part of the Nilo-Saharan phylum.

You will learn that the Nubian civilization had it's own distinct culture, and even ruled over Egypt for a short period. The Nubian revival also saw a rebirth of pyramid construction which lasted longer and built more pyramids than even in Egypt.

Outline: The Feline: From Goddess to Pet Abstract: The Feline: From Goddess to Pet The Feline: From Goddess to Pet An Essay by Julie Coll Photographs by Roger Sensenbaugh This is an article about cats. The cat has a history asfascinating and mysterious as the creature itself. Several of these Nubian pharaohs such as Shabaka, Shabataka and Taharka are identified by name in the Old Testament as they had key alliances with the Judeans and Phoenicians in their joint efforts to oppose Assyrian expansion.

Alongside these urban centres, there are the remains of substantial mudbrick oasis settlements and irrigation and field-systems of a contemporary date.

A key contribution of this paper concerns the construction of an outline chronology based upon initial analysis of the ceramics collected , but crucially supplemented and supported by a major program of AMS dating.

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