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Interestingly, one of his major teachings occurred when he traveled a great distance in order to reach a water well at a very specific moment in a particular woman’s life.

Our faith is presented in Scripture as understanding that we as a Church, or followers of Christ, are Brides of Christ.

The fact is, in a Christian’s life, marriage and fidelity must be understood as holy pillars of faith.

There are the obligatory bad-date scenes for Sarah, while her meddling sister Carole (Elizabeth Perkins) seems to press Sarah toward the end goal of being emotionally attached to a prospective new spouse.

Some characters, places, and objects are just there, with no visible means of support, nor raison d’etra.

Interestingly, in spite of the loose-ends, the movie does flow, but primarily as a means of advertisement at times.

There’s an Internet dating service touted shamelessly a number of times, as well as few other strategically-placed advertisements.

As the movie proceeds, it is explained that Sarah is divorced after her husband committed adultery with a woman fifteen years his junior.

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