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(Net Ware environments run the ACU directly from the MSA Support Software CD.) The Array Configuration Utility-Command Line Interface (ACU-CLI) is a command line interface used to configure an array controller and its storage.

NOTE: When a supplier is installing the MSA1500 cs, be sure these worksheets are completed.

This document explains the various steps involved in installing and configuring the MSA1500 cs.

NOTE: Figure 1: Overview of MSA installation procedures 1 - Review the steps 2 - Prepare the site 3 - Install MSA1500 cs option kits 4 - Rack the MSA1500 cs 5 - Install the hard drives 6 - Prepare the servers 7 - Install the HBAs 8 - Prepare the switches 9 - Connect the cables 10 - Power on the components 11 - Configure the MSA1500 cs NOTE: When installing items in the rack, follow industry-standard recommendations, including: Before installing the MSA1500 cs, HP recommends thoroughly researching, studying, and establishing an installation and configuration plan for the environment.

HP recommends going to the following web sites to learn more about the MSA1500 cs and Storage Area Networks (SANs).

Information found at these web sites may offer suggestions, alternatives, or changes to the installation plans.

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