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(age 16) Yes, all that water makes a difference if it is raining down on your penis while you're trying to have an orgasm. According to a survey of over 3000 females by Healthy in 2007-08, the average female rated masturbation 7.95 out of 10.Try keeping your back to the stream and see if it's any easier. Any waste management authority will disagree with you. The average female in the survey currently masturbated 19.6 times per month, or 4.78 timer per week. I think we can say that, at least among Healthy readers, males and females both find masturbating to be a lot of fun. About as many want to masturbate or have intercourse on their period as do not.Another trick is to bring on an erection 20 minutes before you need to get changed. Keep in mind that all the guys at the gym masturbate or are sexually active too. The only way you can lose your virginity is by having intercourse with another person. I masturbated and ejaculated once but then felt like I needed more so I masturbated again and ejaculated again and same with the third time. Do you think the Apollo astronauts masturbated on the moon?

I want to schedule my masturbation and try not to overdo it. Playboy is obviously better than Internet porn but both are less than using your imagination. At my school, masturbation seems to be a touchy subject. If it only happens once, then don't worry about it. I have this odd throbbing feeling in my penis, similar to the throbbing after climaxing. I am inclined to believe that the first lunar masturbation has yet to occur.

How can I talk about it to others without making it awkward? (age 13) Take note of people who arouse you or whom you find attractive. When I was a teenager, it used to make me climax when I'm trying to delay it, which was very frustrating but it's become much more controllable now and doesn't really bother me. (age 22) If it's been bothering you for that long, I suggest consulting a urologist. Does being nervous effect this because recently I'm worried because of this and when the feeling comes I think about something.

(age 13) Masturbation is the one subject that is almost guaranteed to make people awkward. I sleep sideways and hug a pillow, or sometimes I lie face down; rarely do I lie face up. You didn't say anything about being sexually active. (age 13) I suspect you have a hangup because you avoided using words like masturbation and orgasm in your message.

I heard boys my age masturbate at least once a day. Are there any effects to a 24 year old male masturbating more than once? Another way to answer your question: Yes, eventually.

(age 14) I hesitate to call it an abnormal frequency at your age, because some boys your age haven't even started yet. Is it possible that a medication could make me not able to get it up? Even common pills like aspirin and ibuprofen can impact erectile function in large enough doses.

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