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The manager rudely told me that since I “failed” to return within 48 hours to get my replacement burgers I was no longer entitle to the burgers that I paid for. Can someone please explain to me how I “failed” to do my part in this situation? Walmart, Mc Donald, DQ, Pizza Hut, Bo, and alot more have move in this area over the last year. The traffic in this area has double in the last two years and will double in the next two years. My complaint is why no pickles and the time on package of 35 seconds on high needs to be at least one minute plus Thank You James Kelly Reply Hi my name is Dana I’ve been a manager for 8 years at white castle.After Thursday night sports White Castle was the simplest food to pick up for the family on the way home but since it my responsibility to get my order accurate, I think I’ll go somewhere else where the workers are held to a higher accountability. Reply Hi I have a child that works at white castle in st louis mo 63134 and he is 16 years old he is still in high school and he is worked like he is a grown man he works 6 days a week he gets out of school at and does not get home till 3 and he has to be at work at and he told his manager that is cutting it close then he does not get off till 10 r so that gives him no time for homework or studies he has told his manager a million times he also can get off at a certain time and they still will not let him got till like 15 20 even 30 after that time on school nights, if he works 8 hours or longer he does not get a break he works every weekend even if he puts in for time off he never gets it and he talks and tell the assistant gm that makes the schedule and she does not care she still does what she wants to do, My son does not want me to step in and interfere but this is a concern that this company works these kids that or still in school like they do and it’s not just my son it is other kids also, not to mention the assistant gm is rude to her workers and everyone else. I live off of Northfield Blvd which is about 4 miles away. The area I am talking about North of Murfreesbor on Memorial Blvd (Hwy 231). At first it was a great place to work but then we got a new boss. In 1924, they incorporate the company as White Castle System of Eating Houses Corporation. Today, there are over 350 White Castle locations mostly in the Midwest and Eastern US.In 1934, the company headquarters is relocated to Columbus, Ohio where it remains today. IF YOU CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN!How many people spend 25 minutes in the drive thru?? Reply On April 15 17 my daughter and I went to the wc in flint on corrunna rd, she lives in Davison, I live in Lapeer, we where celebrating her birthday, got the crave case 1/2 cheese burger: 1/2 regular . Plus dollars, we had little children around eating also us adults.With no one in the store because parking lot being resurfaced and one car in front of you? Then you order 7 seven 7 just 7 double cheeseburgers.. Your given 11 double cheeseburgers that you now realize you paid for and tell the person at the have two people stick there had out of the window to tell you that they can’t credit my card they will have to void it all and charge again and it can take 10 days for the first charge to be returned to my card???????? Actually, I think because of all the laughter, it was done on purpose. My daughter found a tip to a ketchup squeeze bottle in one of the cheese burgers, I tried for almost an hour to call the location, busy I then called the 800# and spoke to a girl named Isis?Pretty sure if a doc excuses you from work you shouldn’t get fired for that. I am looking for part time work up to 5 hours per day.So now he’s happy and over half the crew is his family. I cannot find your application on line and want you to call me to set up an interview so I can bring in my resume, Call me 614-706-****, Thanks very much. Reply My name is bill darch my wife and I got some of white castle cheese burgers from a safeway store here in Olympia WA.

my friends and I would get off work about 2am then go by the white castle buy a large brown bag of burgers, go to the resivoir and watch the sun come up, talk, laugh, and eat white castle burgers, GREAT memories and great burgers, when I found them here in SC I was thrilled! Don’t know what you dod to your recipe but it isn’t working for you. Second chances are the best chances for redemption and I will let no one stand between me or my job ever again.So main part of this story is I got fired last Sat after 8 years no talk no discussion not even a offer to be a team member. Would LOVE to see you again Reply Hi , I want to know why u not in Georgia to have a White Castle here in Bremen ga .family love them up north if they any way u guys can bring this Great Hambuger place to Georgia plz do .r they any way some one start a bussiness us your hambuger me know ..I asked how come he said cause of the last 2 times I called in for work which I did everything right 2 hours before shift and I had doctor notes. Reply I am interested in working for White Castle’s store #17 on Kenny and Henderson Roads in Columbus, Ohio.The customers loved me never got bad complaints on me . But that is exactly what happened please let white castle know that this is unacceptable and that they need to pay my medical bills and for my lost time.Please if any of you upper management see and can help me out a little please don’t let the gm and his wife and the rest of the family work together it’s so unfair to all the hard workers that actually earn there job. Please help me thank you Reply I just want to say I miss white castle, I’m in Michigan and I moved more north of where I lived so we don’t have a white castle near us.

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