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For all of those discussions on that pretty triumphant effort by the brilliantly gifted Christopher Nolan and how “great,” “deep,” and “innovative” that film was (and, oh, that visceral reaction to the ending), there was always the need to point out, and rightfully so, that parts of it were rather long-winded.

I find myself oft-frustrated with Hollywood these days.

Dating in the “Aughts” then features a tricky terrain because of this.

Tom should just be happy with getting laid and not allow fucking feelings and emotions to get in the way, right? This causes much distress for our protagonist, while Summer’s emotions are remarkably collected. At one point, Tom’s drunken friend Mc Kenzie (played by the guy who inconceivably gets to nail Christina Hendricks whenever he wants to) even calls Summer “a dude.” In , Benjamin is asked several times, “What’s wrong? We have this heightened awareness of possibilities and potential that paradoxically has a stunting effect on our maturing process.Summer, played by Zooey Deschanel (once I start to register accurate adjectives of approval for that woman, there will ultimately be a tally of an embarrassing number), is, like Tom, a Los Angeles transplant.From Michigan, she claims to have landed on the left coast simply due to boredom.Just so this edition of the show isn’t a complete snooze, have him see someone’s really fucked up dream.Soon thereafter, he realizes that he can actually “design” another’s dream, thus making exploring the landscape much more enjoyable.

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