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"I am scared for the future of my children and my country," one Japanese father told CBN News.A demographic time bomb has already exploded, threatening to cripple the world's third-largest economy.

Fay, a private of the US Army Signal Corps' 164th Photographic Unit, which were uncovered in 2000.

One woman in a dirty blouse talks to a Chinese officer while others stare nervously at the ground as US-China forces liberate them.

Another woman who appears to be pregnant gently touches her bump, unaware of their fate.

Until now photographs and accounts from survivors - labelled "comfort women" by Japanese forces using the "comfort stations" - have been the only records of Korean sex slaves despite intense attempts to find evidence.

But following a two year trawl through archives, researchers uncovered the footage appearing to show sex slaves at Songshan, in China's Yunnan Province in 1944 when U.

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