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Without evidence to suggest a character would shun a sexual/romantic encounter, it's impossible to tell if they have chosen a celibate lifestyle.Compare Asexuality, Celibate Eccentric Genius, Old-Fashioned Rowboat Date, Courtly Love, Did Not Get the Girl, No Hugging, No Kissing.It is in northwestern India in the Malwa Region, 227 km west of the capital city of Chandigarh and is the fifth largest city of Punjab.

According to Henry George Raverty, Bathinda was known as Tabarhindh (Labb-ut-Twarikh).

Where transliteration of the Arabic script is used, I have employed the most commonly used system amongst scholars of the Arabic language and orientalists; with the exception of accepted, long-established Anglicised versions of Arabic nouns such as Mecca and Medina (N. The spelling is employed, as the former is a more accurate transcription and is now the most commonly accepted transliteration of the Arabic word by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike), all other Arabic words have been transliterated according to the following system: Tanakh scholars developed a numerological code for the letters of the Hebrew alphabet as a means to uncover what they posited to be divinely inspired enigmas hidden within the pages of their holy texts It was developed, and continues to evolve, in the context of Muslim requirements for a comprehensive companion to their Holy Book; a guide that elucidates and provides background commentary on the text and its revelation.

As the exegetes have tried to expound on the Holy Verses and give them a context to aid a fuller understanding of the afflatus as a whole, they have encountered various mysterious letters that prefix twenty-nine of the text’s 114 chapters (see Appendix One).

Compare and contrast Confirmed Bachelor, who's specifically opposed to , which could be due to this trope or the opposite.

Contrast Loved I Not Honor More, Must Not Die a Virgin, Nature Abhors a Virgin, Virginity Makes You Stupid, Eunuchs Are Evil, Straight Edge Evil, and Good People Have Good Sex.

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