Intimidating your boss Adult chatlines in

The general manager of talent acquisition turned out to be a little hostile.

I had quoted an expected salary of $X right at the start when they had contacted me for the position.

He’s met my husband and I’ve met his wife at company holiday parties.

The boss and I occasionally chat about non-work-related things like travel or sports, but have not socialized outside of the office at non-business events.

The interview process had gone well, and I was in the final stages of getting a formal offer.

This was when a lot of odd things started happening.

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Doing so will flag you as a cheater in Watchdog if you try to do MP after, so restart the game when you're done."For anybody that's failing to warp, it's appearing to be an issue with full screen mode taking too long to switch back from the interface.

The agency worker quit Knauf in April, 2011 after working at the Immingham site for more than two years when she said she could take no more and was then sacked for smoking, which was against company policy.

Her solicitor Rob Childe told the hearing: 'This strikes at the heart of her identity.

Update 1: Souls modder Wulf2k has updated their Boss Rush mod so that consecutive enemy bashing no longer compromises the progress of players' main game character runs.

Instead, saving is now disabled until players restart their games.

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