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That seems to be a violation of ever[y] teaching in the Scriptures.

Scripture is clear that we are to also be warning those who are not asking for help, lest their blood be on our hands (Ezekiel 33). …I was simply asking what counsel you would give to a Dad who is planning to send his young daughter into this close relationship with BG.

—–Original Message—– From: [Gary Smalley’s email address redacted] Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2007 PM To: [Tony’s email address redacted] Subject: Re: Disqualifications of Teachers, James 3:1 Tony, I can now see why he is nervous about the “fondling and patting” statement on Wikipedia.

Gary Smalley walking into Bill Gothard’s Northwoods Retreat Center cabin in Watersmeet, Michigan—and finding a young woman in a nightie sitting on Gothard’s lap. Gothard insists that his thoughts and actions, including his close proximity to and touching of girls, have never been sexual in nature (though he has admitted in his public statement that such actions were wrong/immoral). For years Gothard has used Gary Smalley as a human shield, to bolster his own image through association with Smalley’s well known kindheartedness.

Though reluctant to jump into the fray, Smalley has given permission for his statement about these events to be shared publicly.

The following e-mails are between Gary Smalley and Tony (the former IBYC staffer who was assigned to investigate the 1980 Scandal), and between Gary and Bill Gothard. Gothard remains silent on his well-detailed and unrepented sins though the 1970s and the Scandal of 1980.

And the only reason I was thinking of asking you for that counsel is because of BG’s recently asking you for counsel on that very question: How to erase or make go away accusations that he was caught with one of his young and attractive secretaries sitting on his lap in private quarters with her skimpy nightgown on, late at night.

He wants someone to back him up that he never did have any moral lapses or that any morality weaknesses exist in his life.

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