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If you want the grid to stop editing when focus leaves, set the grid property .

By default, the grid not stop editing if you focus outside.

You may want to use the grids focus events to hide the popups when the user tabs or clicks out of the cell. In addition to standard full row editing, the following should also be noted: .

This is useful when you want a cell to enter edit mode as soon as you click on it, similar to the experience you get when inside Excel.

Behind the popup the cell will remain intact until after editing is finished which will result in the cell being refreshed.

From a lifecycle and behaviour point of view, 'in cell' and 'popup' have no impact on the editor.

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To have an editor appear in a popup, have the method return true.To change the default so that neither single or double click starts editing, set the property By default, the grid will not stop editing the currently editing cell when the grid loses focus.This can be bad if, for example, you have a save button, and you need the grid to stop editing before you execute your save function (eg you want to make sure the edit is saved into the grids state).The default is good for custom popup cell editors as these can have the focus leave the grid (eg if using a popup calendar widget).This would be bad as the grid would stop editing as soon as your external popup appeared.

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