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With tools like Recorded Future we can assess huge swaths of behavior at a high level across the network and surface things that are very pertinent to your interests or business activities across the globe.Cyber security is about proactively knowing potential threats, and much of that is previewed on IRC channels, social media postings, and so on.In my analyses of Google technology, despite the search giant’s significant technical achievements, Google has a weakness.

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To learn more about Recorded Future, navigate to the firm’s Web site at Arnold monitors search, content processing, text mining and related topics from his high-tech nerve center in rural Kentucky.

Four of the top five companies in the world rely on Recorded Future.

Despite the blue ribbon technology and support of organizations widely recognized as the most sophisticated in the technology sector, Recorded Future’s technology is a response to customer needs in the financial, defense, and security sectors.

As the first mover in the threat intelligence sector, Recorded Future makes it possible for an authorized user to identify high risk situations.

The company’s ability to help forecast and spotlight threats likely to signal a potential problem has obvious benefits.

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