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From: Dark Blademaster | Posted: 5/16/2012 AM | #013TC, I would argue that Mass Effect 3 is the weakest "dating sim" of the trilogy.Bottom line: "dating sim" is about the last thing you can call Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 2 is probably the closest thing to a dating sim there is in the series, and then only because of how you can invite your love interest up to the Captain's Cabin after the final mission.If the ME games really qualify as dating sims, then every movie with a sex scene is now hardcore porn.Like one poster stated I'm not sure what game TC was playing." "Well I'll see you tomorrow then." "Sure, I'd love to." Click on front door "You drive like a maniac but I kept up." --Watch them walk away-- --Sit on the couch-- --Wait patiently..pray she doesn't notice the door is open.-- I was ... " --Look left-- "I'm ready." --Enter her quietly-- --Head over to the window-- --Follow her-- --Take off her skirt and turn her around-- --Turn her back-- --Cum inside her-- --Go and find clothes-- "Hell yeah...

Just imagine fem Shep getting plowed by Wrex or Grunt. Or be highly disappointed if krogan are hung like gorillas.First off you don't have to have relationship with anybody if you don't want to.Second for most relationships to occur the player must be certain to identify what is happening and than has to insure to cultivate the relationship to include making precise decisions to insure the romance is completed. " "If you keep moaning like that, things are going to get awkward! --Leave the gym-- Click on the cafe --Go inside-- "Are you kidding? You are a godess, can you reach in here and hold this for a minute. " "I won't kill anyone for you, other than that, sure thing." "It'll cost you." "I work for coffee, you'll need to buy me one." "Yes ma'am." --Lie down on Casey-- "Anytime" --Check mirror-- "If your boyfriend saw me doing this, he'd kill me on the spot!! " --Next stretch-- --Let her up-- Sure, just let me have a quick shower first and I'll meet you at the cafe.

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