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The second note is that depending on how your page is laid out, you may see your button automatically change from “Save” to “Processing…” to “Save” again. The reason for it was that we had a modal layer in which the save button was located.

When the postback occurred, the View State was re-rendering the page with the modal layer in place.

To work around this, we use the Use Submit Behavior property of the button control and set it to false.

What this does is appends the appropriate __do Post Back call after our Javascript code.

Otherwise, the button will become disabled with a “processing” message and your code behind method will run. The first is that you’re responsible for enabling the button again after the post back.

In our case, it was sufficient enough to simply reload the page again, so we had a fresh set of data and the button was reset in that manner.

After the validating event returns without being cancelled, meaning we have valid user input, then the validated event will be raised.Having a “return true” statement doesn’t let the button continue it’s post back, it will cause it to stop processing (almost the same as a return false command).Instead, we let our logic only abort if our validation failed: Finally, since we’re overriding the HTML on Click event on the control (thanks to the On Cilent Click property) that even if your validation method succeeds, the code behind method won’t fire off.That way when the page was rendered again, the save button remained disabled and in a “processing” state: There’s one quick note to make about Image Buttons.Since they don’t have the “Use Submit Behavior” available to them, you have to manually call the Post Back method within the Javascript in order to make it continue after disabling the button.

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