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Translation: Almost every male chimp at Chimp Haven was fertile and capable of breeding.

“What I’m seeing is complete regrowth,” Jackson said.

Five years ago, Tracy was born in the sanctuary’s forest.

And this year, on Valentine’s Day morning, 29-year-old Flora was found in an indoor area holding and nursing a newborn chimp.

“We want the chimpanzees to be able to have sexual activity.

It seems to lessen fighting and be part of their social interaction.

Some were even twice-vasectomized, like Conan, father of the new baby, who they’re calling Valentina Rose.

DNA tests show Conan was also the father of 5-year-old Tracy.

And on suspicion, she embarked on the task of inspecting the vasectomies of all the other males. Of the 13 males examined, 12 of the vasectomies had regrown.

Editor’s note: On Thursday’s News Hour broadcast, science correspondent Miles O’Brien reports on the debate over using chimpanzees for biomedical research.

First, here’s an inside look at one of the sanctuaries profiled in the piece.

Bezner, who had similar problem among her animals — a 30 percent rate of regrowth — brought in a human urologist to remedy the problem.

He taught her a new procedure, which she then taught Jackson.

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