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Just remember, you can only change the areas of the page that are editable.If you decide you want to change something that’s not in an editable region, you’ll need to open the DWT template file and make changes to locked areas in that file.Doing to the page when the page is already fully formed will generate a dialog box that asks you map the content to the editable regions in the template.But if the rest of the design elements vary from what the template contains, Dreamweaver will preserve those tags alongside what the template will introduce which usually creates a ton of duplicated tags and broken layouts.You would be FAR better off creating new, blank pages from the Dreamweaver Template and copy/pasting the contents into the editable area and then overwriting the "old" pages with the Save As command. I realize this original question was posted some time ago, but for anyone who might encounter this problem in the future, I am posting my solution.If the only changes made to the template relate to one or more elements contained in an attached/linked file (such as a CSS style sheet or JS file), which changes file itself, click "save all" - undo the change and click "save all" again.This column is about creating templates with the extension—a timesaver when creating custom sites in Dreamweaver.1 BEST USES OF DREAMWEAVER TEMPLATES Dreamweaver templates are great for portfolios, photo galleries, and other sites where a series of pages use many of the same elements.

You can find templates for Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Word Press blogs, and more, but not all templates work in all programs.

You can identify editable regions in the template, and the pages created from the template, by the blue outline and tabs.

If you don’t see these features in the Dreamweaver workspace, choose View New.

To create templates for your webpages, you must already have a site set up using the Manage Site features in Dreamweaver to define a local root folder on your computer.2 CREATE/OPEN A PAGE IN DREAMWEAVER To create a new HTML template in Dreamweaver, choose File New. For the Template Type, select HTML Template, choose a Layout, and click Create.

To save an existing page in Dreamweaver as a template, choose File Save As Template.

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