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I recently set up a new SCCM 2012 environment at my workplace and now we are creating our applications for distribution. When during testing, something was not right and the content of the application needs to be changed.

The distribution point keeps on serving the old content to the clients.

It's fairly common in most enterprise-level environments, and is simple enough to use for demonstrating a straightforward deployment scenario.

The next step in the process is to make sure the Application content is placed where clients can access it when they're instructed to use it. Basically, the files associated with the Application are copied to selected Distribution Point servers, either explicitly, or by way of Distribution Point Groups.

CI_ID IN ( SELECT [From CI_ID] FROM [dbo].[CI_Configuration Item Relations] cir INNER JOIN [dbo].[CI_Relation Types] rt ON cir.

To CI_ID IN ( SELECT CI_ID FROM [dbo].[CI_Content Packages] cp INNER JOIN [dbo].[CI_Configuration Item Contents] cic ON cp.

Note: Redistribute of the application to the Distribution Points will not update the content changes you made.

Don’t take the step to create a new package and re-download all the content into new package yet!

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Make sure that all your Distribution Points update to the new version.

For example, you have changed settings in a file, added additional files or maybe you have removed files.

What it does is it will recreate the whole package with the updated source files and will update the old package with the new package on all distribution points.

What about Refreshing a package on a Distribution Point: Scenario: One of your applications is not working and you want to make sure that all the files are intact on your Distribution Point. Doing a refresh of the package will copy the package from the local site system to the Distribution Point, and not from the package source.

Unlike doing an update of a package, refreshing will keep the previous source version.

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