Dating while separated canada

First, there really is no such thing as filing for ‘legal separation’ in Canada.You are legally separated as soon as you and your spouse are ‘living separate and apart’.There are three acceptable grounds for divorce in Canada and each of these are outlined in the federal Divorce Act and explained in detail on our Divorce page.As noted above, there are no time limits to a separation in Canada.

The only legal reason to obtain a divorce is if one partner wishes to remarry.

Many people, for religious or other reasons, prefer not to take that final step, and it is not required.

You and your spouse can stay legally separated for many years if that is what both of you choose.

If you are considering divorce -- or have already made your decision -- you're invited to email me on my contact form.

I'll explain how you can protect your legal rights, reduce the expense of divorce, and protect your children from undue emotional stress.

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