Dating website in norway

While ads show hardcore pornographic pictures, the users are not allowed to upload pictures with sexual content as profile pictures and pictures showing hardcore sexual activity in the picture gallery.

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In November 2007, Gaysir AS had six full-time employees.

Gaysir, at that point, still had advertisers with webshops that showed hard core pornography pictures on film covers that were for sale on DVD and VHS.

These film covers were visible with no censorship or login restrictions, and were described by Nordisk nettverk for ekteskapet and in a number of newspapers (Dagen, Magazinet, Norge idag, Vårt Land, Nettavisen) in various detail.

The reason given was that the website had made a safe and inclusive network for gays and lesbians, and contributed to gay identity building.

The website is highly moderated, strict rules on what kind of pictures are allowed as profile pictures and gallery pictures are enforced by constantly monitoring the uploaded pictures.

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