Dating sites for people with ms Hot aunty dating app

But after you are given the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, the importance of finding people that you feel like you can connect with – that seem to understand you as a person – becomes so much more important.After all, I could not physically do what I did before Multiple Sclerosis attacked my body and caused a myriad of often intense physical problems to where I was not functioning that for much too many days of the week.I dated some here and there but it was never the right guy, and either way, I was always so nervous to bring up my diagnosis.There were never second dates because I feared having to talk about it, explain what MS was, and deal with the repercussions I was sure would follow. Shortly after joining I was contacted by this cute guy whose profile picture was he and his dog (I should mention that I am a huge sucker for animals and this was probably the biggest checkmark in his favor right off the bat).I think so, because you never know when out of the blue you will meet someone that you connect with on a very different level that just seems to understand you, in spite of what you are physically going through because of After all, I reasoned that I still needed social connections after I was given the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.I also felt that if I did not find a way for me to be around other people, where I enjoyed their company, I thought that I would not survive what I was going through at the time because of Multiple Sclerosis entering my life.Maybe they're deaf, obese, have diabetes - but they're still deserving of love and romance.The website claims to have produced over 1,000 marriages, as well as countless friendships and support groups.

As well as people who are deaf, blind, obese, schizophrenic, quadriplegic, transplant patients, and recovering alcoholics.

So many of us are not diagnosed with our disease until we have established lives, spouses, kids, careers, etc.

There is a built in support network when you have these things, and so something like dating seems trivial to people in this situation.

But to those of us (like myself) who were diagnosed younger, dating may be one of our top priorities, and one of the biggest fears we have relating to our disease. It’s hard enough being young and healthy and looking for a potential mate.

But add in a chronic illness and you may as well go out and buy the ‘Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit’ because you’re probably out of luck!

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