Dating in the 1920s

They redefined acceptable social behaviors through their dress, new approaches to courting, and their fascination with public drinking.

Women were told that smoking would help curb their appetites.

In cartoons she was “always long, slender, graceful, and in constant motion.”[9] This relentless depiction of the glamorous, thin flappers changed the way American women viewed themselves.

To fit into the latest fashions women were now pressured to lose weight.

Still, many men were surprised to find themselves surrounded by women at the bar.

One night Lois Long took her editor out with her “and he never got over the shock.”[6] Recognizing the growing popularity of public drinking among women bars and restaurants began specifically catering to them as early as the 1910s.[7] Drinks were made sweeter and more colorful in order to appeal to women.

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