Dating a family friends daughter Sex date luxembourg

If it makes even the most minuscule difference to the way your children feel about their bodies as they navigate this terrifyingly image-conscious world, then my work will be done.

Similarly, my 40-year-old sister, Jo, didn't flinch one morning when she was showering at our house, where the bathroom doesn't have a lock, and the girls barrelled in to join her.

Then, just as she was heading upstairs to the bathroom for a shower, the girls begged to be allowed to join her. However close your relationship with a friend, I am sure most people would feel slightly uncomfortable and squeamish about encouraging children to get naked with a non-blood relative.

Natural English reserve, coupled with sensible caution over how these things would sound to others - blurted out in the classroom, for instance - would make most mothers mount those stairs in a flash to intervene. I stood back and congratulated myself on a job well done.

And before you jump to the conclusion that they're all ravishing size 10 Swedish sirens, they're not.

Over there, there's no need for 'you show me yours and I'll show you mine' games, because I've seen yours so often it's not even interesting any more.

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